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It's a 

New Day


   You've taken an important step today towards a better future. A future of your own design, not one dictated by your past. Therapy can help         you heal old wounds and free yourself from negative messages that hold you back. With therapy, you can begin to move forward with your         life. I'd like to help you on that journey. 


  Take the next step. Contact me at the phone number above or use the form on my contact page. 

   There is hope. There is help. 


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Young woman on bicycle
Young couple standing heads together
Young trans woman raising transgender flag


We all admire people who seem to have it    all together--the ones who seem to breeze  through life knowing who they are and where they're going. Not everyone can be a CEO or a star athlete, but we can learn to value ourselves and our abilities more. 

Poor self-esteem is not something we are born with. It comes from criticism, emotional neglect or abuse, and lack of affection and support. In the therapy setting, these things can be safely processed, allowing confidence to grow and options to open up.



Most couples who come to therapy say it's because they are not communicating well. And it's no wonder. As children we are taught manners, academics, and basic life skills, but not how to talk to one another. The only thing we know about communicating is what we've seen in our own families. Sadly, that's usually not a great model to emulate.


There are skills we can learn in order to communicate well, whether it's with an intimate partner, family member, friend, or business associate. Being able to communicate effectively reduces stress and brings us closer together.                                                                         

Continue reading about communication...


People in the LGBTQ community just want to lead satisfying and purposeful lives like everyone else. Unfortunately, there are many barriers in the way that cause stress-- stress that people in dominant cultures don't have to deal with. ​

It isn't enough for a therapist to be "LGBTQ-friendly" anymore. It's important to be affirming and knowledgeable, and to keep up with the legal challenges and the social issues.


Families of young people coming out may also need support and resources.                      

                                                                  Continue reading about LGBTQ equality...

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