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Minority groups are very particular about labels and terminology, and rightly so. Labels are usually applied by a dominant culture to demean subcultures. I use the term "LGBT+" for two reasons. The first is that the string of letters that tries to be inclusive has gotten so long as to be cumbersome. The second reason is that no matter how many letters you string together, they will not be able to include everyone. So I've chosen to use "LGBT" because it is familiar to everyone and a "+" to represent all the identities people use to describe themselves.

Sexual Diversity

Non-hetero people come to therapy for the same reasons as all people: anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, family issues, work issues, etc. But there are also some issues unique to the sexually diverse community. For example: coming out, inequality in laws, microagression, being attacked for religious reasons, trying to adopt, not feeling safe traveling to certain areas and more. Whether you are suffering from universal problems or problems unique to the community (or both), therapy can offer support, resources and help processing your issues.

Gender Diversity

Transgender people are finally getting a voice and coming out to the world. Unfortunately, progress in acceptance and in the law is slow. Insurance companies and doctors still require a letter from a therapist before approving surgery. And tragically, violence against transpeople happens all too often. For these and many other reasons, support is so important. With the right therapist, someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, therapy can help you cope with the unique stressors of being transgender as well as the issues that are part of the human condition, such as depression, relationship conflict, and anxiety.


Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Equality California

LA LGBT Center

Family Acceptance Project

Transgender Law Center--Guide to Changing Legal Documents

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